Audio Curiosities

Welcome to the Audio Curiosity part of our Website.

The purpose of these pages is to bring forward information about vintage audio products no longer for sale, but still on the secondary market.

Encore Audio Storage Systems:

Beautiful products manufactured in England in the early 70's. Design by Frank Height and Frank Guille and selected for the Design Center London.

As figures from sales of vinyl records are on it's way upward, it may no be a new era for these kind of products?

Janis Audio:

W-1, a well known subwoofer by Janis Audio, US.

Pyramid Ribbon Tweeter:

The Pyramid T-1 was the state of the art ribbon tweeter. Developed in the late 70's by Richard Sequerra in the US.

The T-1 was often seen in combination with the Quad ELS or Dalquist DQ-10.

Sonotron Amplifiers:

A Norwegian brand surfing on the wave of Electrocompaniet. Products were manufactured about a decade. Ended in the brand Adyton.

Symmetry Audiophile Systems:

US manufacture of high end audio products in the late 70's. Better known is the ACS-1 electronic crossover.


Last modified: 12-Nov-2009