Sonotron Power Amplifiers

The Sonotron PA-2000 Power Amplifier


Introducing SONOTRON's new line of Power Amplifiers

By inventing a new concept in the design of transistor power amplifiers, SONOTRON has managed to make power stages that combines the best of two worlds; namely the smooth and "airy" sound of a tube amplifier and the precise, powerful and low distorted sound of the best transistor designs.

The third dimension introduced by SONOTRON is the unbeatable bass performance, the depth in the stereo-image and a supri- singly detailed - yet soft and airy mid- and upper-end.



The SONOTRON PA-2000 and PA-200 are transistor power amplifiers with the output stages biased for typical Class AB opera- tion. The innovation done by SONOTRON is the concept of a 100% symmetrical drive, i.e., the amplifiers respond equally to positive as well as negative signal components. The concept in unique, and to our knowledge no other manufacturers use this type of design.

With our solution, it is possible to obtain a very low distortion with a modest quiescent current. The symmetrical design is also responsible for the enormous switching capability of the output stage. It is possible to drive full power at 1MHz into 8 ohm res.load without any destruction of the output or driver transistors.

The signal resolution of the PA-2000 and PA-200 sets a new level for power amplifiers. Due to the symmetrical design, the choise of components and the use of a tripple power supply with torodial trans- formers, the sounding-performance can only be described as astonishing natural: A deep, tight - yet free bass that rarely has be- en heard in any amplifier system before. The extreme resolution and transient per- formance of the mid- and high end will truly set new demands on any other component used in a complete audio-system.

The output stages of SONOTRON's PA- 2000 and PA-200 are based upon the use of modern, top quality, high speed trippel diffused Mesa transistors. Bipolar transistors surely have certain disadvantages - just as have JFET, VMOS and tubes. But the overall specifications of high speed bipolar transistors certainly make them a very inte- resting construction element in high quality power amplifiers for years to come.

At SONOTRON we believe that what is most important, and which sets the standard, is the circuit around these high quality components. PA-2000 and PA-200 prove this.


Specifications available on request.

Last modified: 12-Nov-2009