dbx History

Founded in 1971 by David E. Blackmer, with the goal: "To get closer to the realism of a live performance".

Started in the professional recording studios, where the major obstacle to realistic sound reproduction was tape noise. While Dolby systems were helping in this area, they didn't solve the problem. dbx developed a new process called linear decibel companding, a process many times more effective than Dolby in reducing tape noise.

dbx tape noise reduction systems used in professional recording studios around the world.

dbx manufactured signal prosessing equipment only, until the company became a part of the BSR group in 1979. Later audio products like Speakers, Amplifiers, CD-players were in the assortment.

The dbx consumer line ends in 1989, when the BSR leader Sanju Chiba aquired BSR, changed its name to ELP, and sold out the dbx business.

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