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VDS - Vacuum Disc Stabiliser

The playback method of record disc has been unchanged for all ages — simply to put a disc on the platter and then to place a pick-up on the disc. But this simple operation comprises various problems. Among others, what cannot be neglected in terms of sonic quality is self-resonance of the record disc. Such harmful additives not contained in the original signals have to be removed by all means for purest fidelity reproduction.

Many audiophiles have tried to make improvements in this respect utilising so-called audio stabilizer of special platter mat. But no definite solution has been given to the problem of this noxious modulation triggered by a slight warp or resonance of the disc itself.

The V.D.S. system is to integrate the record disc and turntable platter, so to say, to make a record disc of high inertia. By removal of the air between the disc and platter, atmospheric pressure changes itself into a stabilizer, which works evenly throughtout an entire surface of the disc. This is truly an ideal turntable system.

The idea of the V.D.S. system came from the disc-cutting lathe. But the system employed at the lathe is to sustain the vacuum state by keeping sucking, which inevitably causes noises and vibrations. Therefore, to keep airtight the special sealing pads are placed on the surface of the platter positioning on the outer and inner rings of sound grooves of LP disc. Thanks to these pads, once sucked, the vacuum state can be sustained for long. The pad remains unchanged in quality for long time, but for eventual replacement it is so designed as to be easy in installation.

The object of the V.D.S. system is to remove harmful resonance from the turntable having perfect basic performances. Thus it is important to remove unnecessary vibrations in the rotation mechanism, not to speak of improvement in such fundamentals as S/N ratio, speed accuracy, etc. In this respect, the belt-drive system is used, and the motor is placed away from the orbit of the cartridge to evade influence of its flux and vibration.

InfoSheet in colour(1,6Mb) pdf: VDS fidelity begins at the beginning.

Last modified: 10-Apr-2004