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Welcome to the Audio Invest Website - The free support and information site for the brands Luxman, dbx and Fidelity Research, including Thorens, Dual, Denon.

The purpose of this site is to bring forward information about the vintage models of Luxman, dbx and Fidelity Research, and vinyl related information about Thorens, Dual and Denon. Also offering: service manuals and owners manuals for sale for Luxman, Thorens, Dual and Denon.

The main part of the site is about turntable and turntable accessories. On the model list pages there are no images or long product descriptions. That kind of information is put on separate pages . Further, vintage products from Luxman with low interest and products from Thorens, Dual and Denon already introduced on the net, is not a part of this site.

A new section added November 2009 about Audio Curiosities.

The site is deliberately simple with mainly black and white illustrations to keep the download size small.

Each main section opens in a new window when launched.


Still LUX now have their own site with the new model range, there are a lot of products on the second hand market which are not included in the LUX homepage or other sites. The Audio Invest Wesite brings forward information about LUX products produced from mid 70's and 80's, offering service manuals and owners manuals, and links to related sources.

Product numbers listed here are from the European market, and may have other numbers in the US and Asia. Further, LUX have made a lot of models for the homemarket only in the same period. They are not to be seen here.

Fidelity Research:

About Fidelity Research, there seems to be less or no information on the net up to this date. This part of the site contains almost a totally product information from the "Golden Age" of Fidelity Research, 1975-1985.


The Thorens products presented here is about turntable and turntable accessories, though the product range include amp, receiver, tuner, CD-player and speaker. The Audio Invest Wesite contains info about models not available on other sites, and service manuals. Further, there is a product list section including links to sites about Thorens turntable models.


Dual have their own unofficial web site. The Audio Invest Website contains a service manual section and linkpage.


On this site: cartridges, tonearms, transformers, headshells, service manuals and owner's manuals from the 80's.


dbx - manufacturer of signal processing equipment, product info from late 70's and the 80's.


A supplementary section TT-Vinyl(Turntable and Vinyl), is about turntable related topics including SuperDiscs.

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