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Orders are only accepted on pre-pay conditions.

You can place an order by e-mail, telefax or by ordinary mail. We accept American Express and Paypal as payment.
The validity will be carefully controlled on AMEX. Please print out and use our Order Form for credit cards.


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We do not recommend sending Card Information by e-mail.
Please use telefax or ordinary mail.


All transactions will be made in Norwegian Kroner(NOK)

Contact us for details on exact prices, and shipping&handling fee.

Minimum amount NOK 40,00 (approx. USD 7.00) any order, shipping & handling worldwide, ordinary mail. Add USD 4.00/EUR 4,50 to the amount for secure mail delivery.

P.O. Box 1059, Lademoen, NO-7446 Trondheim, Norway

E-mail ordering contact: order@audioinvest.no

Telefax : (+47) 73 90 56 86

Bank account: 0537 1652924 (Postbanken, N-0021 Oslo)

Last modified: 12-nov-2009