The Golden era to SuperDiscs or Audiophile vinyl started in the mid 70's. Lot of firms took place in the race, manufacturing everything from direct cutting to HSM(half speed mater) Superdiscs.

The presentation is mostly about the technical part of the issue, and the firms who were present from the start.

Recording theories and techniques, definitions, illustrations, and explanations on the subject are found on most of the pages.

Manufacturers of SuperDiscs:

Crystal Clear

Direct Cutting - Philips, Direct-to-Disc

Direct Disk



M&K - Miller&Kreisel Realtime Records, Direct-to-Disc

Merlin - Merlin Fidelity +

Nautilus - Direct-to-Disc, Digital, Half Speed Master, dbx

OMR - Original Master Recording, Half Speed Master

RCA - Mastering Lab Series

Sheffield Lab

Toshiba/EMI - Direct-to-Disk

TBM - Three Blind Mice



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Last modified: 20-Aug-2002